Pathfinder a Zealous Heart


Backstabing cretinous sons of Khajit! It was this kind of plots and schemes that Arn had left Hammerfell to avoid. Seems there are scum in every nation.

The kind of people that would be part of a Thieves’ Guild, those were the kind that he really loathed. The ones who lied and manipulated.
Many feared Arn, shunned him, or saw him as a monster, but at least he was honest. He didn’t lie, did not conceal his intentions, did not attemt to hide who he is.
Given the choice, most people worth a damned would prefer a sword to the chest over a knife to the back any day.

That was why Arn did not feel the slightest guilt about the bloodbath that was about to occur in the Thieves’ Guild.


ConnorRoddie DarthIB

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