Pathfinder a Zealous Heart

Time to Act

There was no really a question as to what action needed to be taken. The thieves guild needed to be stopped and stopped now. It didn’t matter how many of them were killed, it didn’t matter how many of them managed to get away, so long as this leader and his main body of men ceased to be. The Thalmor were utterly evil and not to be trusted, and, granted, the empire had not exactly trusted them well recently, but they were still the lesser of two evils. Besides, there was no way they could side with the Thalmor in this regard. after all, Eric had been to war against their puppets, the storm cloaks, Venndaal’s people had been butchered by them, and skor’va, well Eric wasn’t sure about him, but he didn’t seem to like them either. So, this was now were they found themselves, about to begin a conflict which would decide the fate of a nation. This should be fun.


ConnorRoddie John_Baggins

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