Arn Jak


Arn Jak was born in Hammerfell to a wealthy family. His mother died giving birth, so he was raised, and taught the way of the sword, from his father.
Life was good, but Arn never had much interest in the nobleman aspect of his family – he had a hot temper and no patience for politics.

At age 17 his father passed away, leaving Arn as sole inheritor of the family name, and wealth.
Realising that his fathers political enemies were moving to take him out anyway, Arn decided that the best thing to do would be to just save them the trouble.
And so it came to pass that Arn left Hammerfell. Packing his fathers swords, his armour, and as much money as he could carry, he took to the road, and never looked back.

He travelled aimlessly, from tavern to tavern, across the lands. He would stay for a few nights, have some drinks, maybe get into a brawl or two, then move on.
As his inherited money slowly but steadily ran out, Arn drank more and fought harder. Eventually, this destructive pattern climaxed in a fight that had Arn arrested for extensive property damage and breaking the limbs of at least 5 other people.

Arn Jak

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