Pathfinder a Zealous Heart

Time for answers

Eric was a little concerned about returning to Skyrim. He wasn’t really ready for it just yet. Worse, what if he ran into someone he’d known from the war. Still, there was business which needed to be sorted out. This Talos thing was utter bullshit and someone needed to put a stop to it before more people were killed. They had failed to save that poor Nord from a fiery death in a pit of lava, but they would not fail to help stop these crazy bastards. there was something else thought. who were the fat argonian, the weird elf and the strange guy who was in charge of it all, and were they controlling people with some kind of magic or something. Eric didn’t like it, he wanted answers, and he was going to get them, one way or another.

Time to think

Eric sat at the table in his room in the tavern, sipping a pint of ale. Something was up here, Eric was sure of it, and he didn’t like it. He was a soldier, and that life had always been straight forward, simply kill what the officer pointed at, nothing complicated, nothing tricky about it. Then why was he having the nightmares again, not about the future this time, but about the past, the war. The things he’d seen, the things he’d done, or rather should have done. This business with the kidnapping and the bandits they had killed had brought up old memories he’d rather have left buried. This was the reason he was here though, to prove the past wrong. If he did what he felt he needed to do, then his secret need never need be revealed, and he need not face the past.

The future however was proving to be much as he had seen it. The meeting of the party, the fact that they had joined together for a common cause, but this strange kidnapping, that had taken him completely by surprise. His visions were becoming less frequent and covered periods farther apart which was a nice respite. Hopefully, his sight would return, and, in time, maybe even this blasted magic would go, he’d never asked for it, but it did come in handy he supposed. Still, he wanted to find out why he had been struck with this curse and given these powers. All he’d wanted was a brief holiday to get his head back in order, and now he was here. Granted his arrest was nothing to do with his powers, just his morals.

In regards to the party, he didn’t really know what to think of most of them yet. He seemed to get along with Arn well enough, despite their rough start. Maybe he could learn a thing or two from the redguard, if Arn could hold off from killing things long enough to form a sentence that is. The chat they had had in the ruins was very pleasant indeed. Haraxe, not really sure what to make of that one. Eric had started off feeling rather amicable towards him, but recently it had turned to a distrust and general annoyance. For god sakes who simple wastes 500 gold upon decoration, it was ridiculous. Not only that, but his attitude to combat was just strange, I mean, who drops a book on their own foot mid-fight. Vandaal, not really sure what to make of that one, haven’t really had a chance to speak to him yet. He was very impressive in his ability to track down things, and indeed people. One might almost think that he had previous experience in that regard. Not only that, but he was damn impressive with a bow. Eric would have to have a chat with him at some point, find out what his story was. The Argonian, Skar’ va, that was his name. Eric didn’t really know enough about him to make a judgement either way. He seemed to know his way around traps though which was always useful in a pitch. Whatever the case, Eric would need to know more about him before he decided any opinion.

Eric finished his drink and glanced down at his hand resting on the table and watched as it flickered in and out of time. Hopefully he would sleep a little better tonight; hopefully his dreams wouldn’t trouble him.

The Journey Begins

As the party trekked through the caves, Vendaal found that his worries about his home were fading. He was as insecure as before, but the adventure upon which he had embarked was a pleasant distraction from his anxieties. He wanted to get back to his homeland and save his people as soon as possible, but he knew that after so many years in jail his skills would be rusty. He needed, essentially, to warm up.

And that’s what this adventure was supposed to be; practice. But as they ventured forth, Vendaal could already feel the niggling sensation in the back of his mind that told him things were only going to get bigger and more dangerous from here on out, and that as a result he would probably become attached to his current hunting companions. Some of them, he reckoned, needed his presence, especially the old man and the blind one. Vendaal wasn’t sure what had compelled them to come along at all, but they had proven their worth in combat and was glad to travel with them.

He could already feel his skills returning to what they used to be. Now that he had gotten a feel for the bow he was carrying, he had gotten quicker at firing arrows from it. He hoped that he would prove more consistently useful in combat as a result.

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